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MyFlightMD FAA Pilot Medical Certification

Aviation Medicine & Consultation FAA Pilot Medical Certification

Aviation medical exams are required but need not be stressful.  Knowing what to expect, how to complete the MedXPress application, and find a qualified Aviation Medical Examiner are all likely to make your pilot experience better.  We are here to answer your questions and ensure that the FAA medical is fair and provides a transparent understanding of your health issues. All medical documentation supporting your application including special issuance (PI) and disqualifying conditions must be submitted by the airmen directly to the FAA. This office is not responsible for the submission of medical documents.

Complete the FAA MedXPress application prior to your exam!

Please be sure to complete the MedXPress application prior to your exam. You may print the confirmation page, jot the confirmation # down or take a picture of the number with your phone and bring it to your exam.
Here is the
MedXPress link:

Private Concierge Medicine |Primary Care Physician |Cardiology |Disaster Relief Management

Please send the request for the appointment to: myflightmd@gmail.com

Comprehensive Primary Care

Comprehensive Primary Care Comprehensive Primary Care



Physicians often specialize in the areas of expertise pertaining to organ systems.

Specialists in internal medicine provide comprehensive medical evaluations and treatment for adults.  They routinely evaluate symptoms and complaints without any restriction whatsoever.

Revolutionary Virtual Medical Care via Skype Now

Aviation Medicine & Consultation

Aviation Medicine Pilot Medical Exams

Aviation medicine is a medical specialty that works with the health and safety of pilots and others with a career in aviation.  The clinical work in aviation medicine is done by specialists designated, certified, and working with the Federal Aviation Administration. 


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